Raised by a family of musicians, Robert Alexander Smith is a southern rock and roller with a passion for playing. Born in Rockingham, NC, "Bobby" grew up on a healthy helpin' of all the southern classics. Although, it's not strange to hear him do some off the wall hit you weren't expecting!
From Winston-Salem, NC, Wade Ingram has an impeccable ear for music.  Growing up with parents that rocked out to bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Allman Brothers, Wade blends those harmonies in like they used to!
With the chops of perfectly timed cannons, Mike Pitts has a "pocket" full of thunder. Originally from Asheville, NC, Mike has a very eclectic history in music. His roots have seen many seasons and grab every song with neverending dynamics.
Jordan Luther hales from Asheboro, NC. Also raised by a family of musicians, Jordan has that old rock and roll soul that you can't help but want to love. Big low bass lines and high crisp harmonies ring beautifully from Jordan's side of the stage all night long.